Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Films of the Month - December

Here's what I watched in December - a good month for films!

1) Lee and I watched Home Alone while putting up the Christmas tree, it's one of my favourites
2) I'd never seen Arthur Christmas so in the spirit of festivity I watched it, I liked it!
3) I was at my friend's and this was on, we watched most of it so I'm counting it!


4) Again, I was still at my friend's and we watched most of Nativity. I've seen it before and it's okay, but I'm not keen on Martin Freeman.
5) Lee and I watched Die Hard because, well, it's a Christmas film
6) And then we watched Die Hard 2 because even though it's not a Christmas film, it is set in the winter so it totally counts

7) Lee and I went to the cinema to see Rogue One. We're both Star Wars geeks and we LOVED it. I need to see it again because I'm sure there's stuff we missed
8) On the Thursday between Christmas and New Year my friend Rosie came over to hang out and make mail art, and to watch Love Actually because I'd never seen it. It was okay, I don't think I'll bother to watch it again
9) Then I made Rosie watch Bugsy Malone because it's one of my favourites, unfortunately she wasn't so keen! Oh well!

10) At this point I realised I had watched 97 films in 2016, so with just two days left I decided I'd make that up to a nice 100! I had had A Princess for Christmas recommended, but it was terrible!
11) Lee and I watched The Addams Family, I think I prefer the other one actually, but Wednesday is the best in the whole franchise, obviously.
12) I had been wanting to watch Supersonic, a documentary about Oasis' early years, since it came out. I really enjoyed it. I liked Oasis when I was younger, but was never a huge fan. Liam and Noel and Bonehead were all very funny and engaging in this though. I would recommend it if you grew up with Oasis like I did.

And there we go! 100 films in 2016! 44 I had never seen before, and 56 I had. I saw four films in the cinema, which is a lot for me. I'd like to watch more films in 2017 and see more at the cinema :)

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