Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My diaries and how I use them

I have, for years, kept a date diary, as most of us do, in the vague hope that I'd know what I was supposed to be doing and when. A few years ago I got an A5 red Moleskine diary which had the days of the week down the left hand page and a lined page on the other side. For a couple of years that worked great - I kept notes on the right hand side and the diary was filled by the end of the year. I was working more then, though, and as I've worked less over the years I haven't needed the page on the right quite as much. So in 2016 I bought a smaller, A6 diary to keep track of dates.

In one of 2015's Secret Santas I received this A5 diary which has a week to view. I really liked the design on the front so I had it on my desk, and at the beginning of the year I started writing down what I'd written each day, notable achievements, things like that. I was having counselling and this was something that I felt would help me when I felt rubbish, It really did help, and I kept up the habit all year, so this year I asked Lee for a date diary and a diary I could write this stuff in. Bless him, he got them both from Paperchase and they're both gorgeous.

Here's some pictures.

Last year's diaries - the A6 one on the left, which I never really fell in love with, and the "achievements" diary on the right. I LOVE the front cover; I think it was from the Works and I love the shabby chic feel!

This is what most pages in my date diary looked like. I didn't write much of anything on the right hand pages unless I had an event I needed notes/details for. 

Here's the achievements diary. As you can see, each weekday got a big space and the weekends shared a space. I sometimes found it hard to cram things into Saturday and Sunday but mostly it was okay. On the left you can see what I wrote, on this blog, on my book blog, and some fanfic I wrote. The weekend wasn't a writing weekend as I was away camping, so I noted that too - it's important to give yourself breaks!

And here are this year's diaries. I chose the one on the left - I'm fussy, so I wanted to - and Lee chose the one on the right. My only stipulation for that one was that it was "week to view" which this is.

This is the inside of the date diary. It's a bit weird and scattered, but I like it. The beginning of each month has space for things to buy and things to do and birthdays, it's pretty good.

And this is the inside of the achievements diary, look at those beautiful clear pages ready to be written on! The paper is really smooth so I've been using a fineliner on it. This diary is also where I'll be noting books read, films watched, and TV watched in the book - it has pages and pages for notes so I thought this would be a better place than the other one!

Do you keep a diary? Do you keep two like me?

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