Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Year's Eve 2016

Another year has come and gone and while 2016 was disappointing in sooo many ways, I also really learnt a lot about myself throughout the year - what I'm capable of, what my limits are, where I will draw lines in the sand, all kinds of worthy things like that. I'm feeling very positive about 2017 and all the adventures it will bring.

Lee and I went out for a meal in Doncaster on New Year's Eve. We went to Turkuaz, which I would highly recommend. Lee had never had Turkish food before but he really enjoyed it. The kitchen is open to view which was great, and there was also a belly dancer dancing - she was fantastic! We each had two courses and a drink for less than £40 which I find to be excellent value, and we would definitely go back. Portion sizes were really generous, too.

After our meal we went to my stepdad's sister's house where we also spent last New Year's Eve. Lots of family were there and it was a pretty good time. We listened to Abba's Happy New Year at midnight!

Here's my face made up for the night. I now have wrinkles by my eyes! I think I'll refer to them as laughter lines, though. 

Lee in the restaurant in his new favourite t-shirt (present from my aunt, uncle and cousins, it's the guy from Fallout)

Here's me, wearing my Tara brooch that my mum bought me, and this dress from everything5pounds that I've only worn once before. 

I've got some round up posts planned as well as one about my goals for the year, share yours with me if possible!

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