Sunday, June 18, 2017

Family Wedding 27th May

Lee's sister got married at the end of May. She and Steven have been together for 17 years and have three kids, and have been enaged for a while, but finally decided to get married this year. They had a humanist ceremony at their own house - they have a huge garden that was big enough for a marquee.

It was really hot as we arrived and as the ceremony started, there were rumblings of thunder overheard. Just as the officiant said, "The new Mr and Mrs Finley", the thunder cracked overhead which was dramatic and funny. It did at least cool the weather down quite a lot. The ceremony was a humanist one (they did the legal bit earlier in the week) and it was really good and full of stuff about respect and about their family.

The heavens then opened and it was raining heavily, and then it started hailing, too. Fortunately this cleared up after a while so the photographer could take photos. There was a food truck that arrived - serving hotdogs, burgers, salads, and veggie options. It was really nice!

We had a really nice time catching up with Lee's family, who we don't see often. Kim and her bridesmaids and the kids all looked gorgeous, and the details that she'd thought of for her vision of a wedding at their home. I took quite a lot of photos:

From inside the marquee when the rain started and the thunderstorm was overhead

The hailstones

This was a present at Lee's place - isn't it lovely? All her brothers had one

Bride and groom, with Tillie just in the corner

All of Lee's siblings. Victoria (who was a bridesmaid), Andrew, Chris, Kim, Lee, and Daniel. Lee is the eldest at 34, Daniel is the youngest at 18

Lee's dad Michael, stepmam Mary, and Victoria. I love this photo!

Lee's dad's speech

Kevin, Lee's uncle, Tracey, Lee's auntie, me, Lee, Lee's mam. Kevin is Lee's dad's brother and Tracey is Lee's mam's sister - how confusing is that?! 

The bar was serving cocktails so I had a couple of strawberry daiquiris

There was little things like this strewn across the gardens

And the garden has an actual stream in it! Isn't it lovely?

I took these photos from the little bridge

First dance - I'm not too sure what the song was but I know it was a pop song, not a slow one

Trying Lee's glasses on, I was a bit tipsy by this point

The cake

Cutting the cake, with Tillie getting her fingers in

Kim's bouquet - it was so stunning

And finally, a late night selfie of Lee and I :)

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