Friday, June 30, 2017

Holiday to France - Day 2 and 3

On the first morning of our holiday, my mum and I went out to buy croissants and bread, and then decided to go to the supermarket to get food for the next couple of days. That way we could all just relax - plus Monday was a bank holiday so the supermarket wasn't open for long - just until 12.

For the rest of Sunday we just played in the pool, sat in the sunshine, drank beer, and relaxed. It was so lovely and even though it wasn't that sunny it was still warm.The pool was heated, too, which helps. On Sunday evening we had pizza to eat which was one of those really relaxed meals that are just perfect on holiday.

On Monday morning my mum and I headed out to the boulangerie for fresh croissants again. My godmother and her husband were due to arrive mid-morning as they live close by and were going to stay overnight with us. They arrived in time for breakfast and we again spent the day around the pool enjoying the sunshine. In the evening we had a barbecue and then Lee, Bettie and Jen played Scrabble and Boggle until late!

Just a few photos from these two days. It was nice to do very little and read. I also started a new cross stitch!

Breakfast! Pain au chocolat, fresh bread, coffee, and juice. Perfect! The gite was called La Varenne, hence the mug. We were given a mug each as a gift at the end of the holiday, too!

Living my best fancy bitch life in the rubber ring. The swimming costume I'm wearing is from Simply Be - it's blue on the bottom and coral on the top, and has a halter neck tie.

View of the swimming pool

This is Joy and John's cat, Fleur. She was pretty friendly!

She was so fluffy

And here are my many drinks on Monday evening. I was drinking wine with my mum, a Desperado with my godfather, and had a cup of coffee to warm up as I'd had to have a cold shower! Fancy bitches drink lots of drinks, obviously. 

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