Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What I Wore 27th May

As you saw previously, Lee's sister Kim got married at the end of May and we went up to Durham for the wedding. I bought this Scarlett & Jo dress in a half price sale in around February and thought I would save it for Kim's wedding as I was sure it would be perfect.

It is a typical S&J dress - it has a lining and two layers of netting underneath, it's cotton with a tiny bit of stretch, and it has these really gorgeous sleeves which I liked. I love the pattern on it, and I like the wrap top. It was gaping a little bit, so I used two safety pins to keep it closed. I think if I'd been wearing a different bra it might have been better. Oh well, you can't tell in the photos so I don't care.

I'll definitely be wearing this again. I kept my accesories all pale pink - rose quartz pendant, necklace, and pink earrings. The ribbon was originally tied at the front, but I looped it through so that I could tie it at the back. I think I prefer it this way. My sandals were from Simply Be and they're the absolute most comfortable ever.

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