Thursday, January 4, 2018

Christmas Day 2017

We got up bright and early and got ready then go to my mum's for about 9.45. My grandma wasn't there yet because she'd woken up late and hadn't finished her breakfast, so my mum and I went down to pick her up. We tend to take ages to eat an entire meal on Christmas Day - we ate our starter about 1pm and then did eat our main meal until about 6! Oh well! It was all delicious.

I got some lovely presents and everyone loved what we'd bought them. I got my mum a gorgeous mirror that flashes between green and gold, and both her and my stepdad absolutely loved it and are planning to put it on the dining room wall so they can see it every day. My grandma collects a certain type of Derby porcelain and I picked up a milk jug and sugar bowl in an antiques shop near my house in her favourite pattern. It turns out they're quite rare - they're both over a hundred years old! She was impressed.

I took a few photos:

Lee wearing my festive penguin t-shirt over a plain black one of his own

The table at my mum's, doesn't it look nice? 

My grandma under Lee's blanket. She's 91!

My mum has two cats, brother and sister Ruben and Millie. This is Ruben ready for his dinner please.

I never had Screwball Scramble when I was little, even though I really liked it and wanted one. So my friend Jacqui bought me one! We all had a go, it's fun!

Lee bought me a daft photo of Harry Styles, which has absolutely gone on the wall next to my desk, I love him

Lee also bought me this bracelet, isn't it lovely?

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