Tuesday, January 16, 2018

December 27th and 28th

On December 27th and 28th my aunt, uncle, and cousins were visiting from Surrey and Leicester, so it was time for us all to get together. On the 27th we went to my grandma's house, where we had two delicious meals, swapped presents, and played some games. It was really good fun and I enjoyed myself.

I didn't take many photos on Wednesday, and none of my outfit, but I was wearing my grey chiffon spotted Scarlett & Jo dress. My cousin Peter came to stay at ours for the night, where Ivy was very pleased to see us after she'd been abandoned for two days. Here's some photos from Wednesday:

Peter and me. He's the youngest of my cousins, but he's 19 now and at university in Bournemouth...

Lee and me

Reunited with my one true love, Ivy. She looks demented here!

On Thursday it was our turn to host. I'd volunteered, but it was still a bit of a challenge to fit ten of us in our tiny living room. We managed it with our dining table and my small craft table, although I ended up sort of sitting in the kitchen doorway. 

We made pulled pork burritos. We'd put the pork to cook in the slow cooker overnight and then I shredded it with forks. We had tortillas, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, rice, potato wedges, and salad. Wow! It was yummy. Then for afters we had two types of cheesecake. It was really nice to host people.

Because I knew the house would be warm with so many people, I put this new dress on that I got in the Yours sale a few weeks before Christmas. It's sleeveless and very summery, but it's really nice to wear and it has pockets! I put on this really old New Look jumper over the top, the colour matches one of the shades in the dress. I will definitely have to take this outfit on holiday somewhere warm!

Sorry about the blurriness of the photo but it's the best I could do!

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