Thursday, January 25, 2018

My New Happiness Planner

Just before Christmas I bought myself a Happiness Planner, because I'd seen a review of it on someone else's blog and decided it sounded like it would be perfect for me. I liked the rose gold version but it was sold out, so I bought this mint and silver one instead. I also got some notebooks and a to do list pad, because I basically got them for free after applying a coupon.

They arrived just after Christmas and I was really pleased with the packaging - it felt like a really luxurious product and a real treat for myself. The notebooks and to do list came separately. The notebooks are wide ruled, which is good for me as I have quite big handwriting, and the to do list is a really gorgeous mint colour to match the planner. I might carry sheets from the to do list in my handbag to use when I'm out and about, and also maybe to use as shopping lists?

The planner itself came in a gorgeous hard box, which I will use to keep the planner in to hopefully keep it looking nice. The box is also mint and has the branding on it, which again feels like a really luxurious thing and like the company have taken their time to make sure all their products look good.

Within the box I found a number of things! The planner, of course, plus a gorgeous thin pen, also mint, that writes beautifully. Then there were some paperclips and two binder clips, which will come in useful for keeping things in the planner, like the to do lists, for instance. Then there were some sheets to fill out, some which reflect on 2017 and some which are for goals for 2018. I haven't filled them in yet, but I will!

The planner itself is huge! So thick, obviously there is a page for every day of the year but I hadn't quite realised how much space that would take up! I don't feel like I would carry this planner around because of its size, so it will live on my desk. I do still have a date diary which I could pop into my handbag if I needed to.

The beginning section has a bunch of pages with either quotes about happiness or more questions to answer. I did a couple of pages but haven't totally filled them in yet, mostly because I haven't totally solidified my 2018 pages yet. There was a good page though about doing things that make you happy and how often you'd like to do them. Mine are fairly simple - I want to go swimming twice a week, I want to read daily, I want to cook something new or exciting weekly, and I want to go to the cinema once a month. Those all feel like really achievable goals!

Each month has an 'at a glance' view at the beginning, which I have used to write down things like birthdays and trips. Then each day has several sections, including what you're excited about today, meals, main focus, schedule, to do, notes, good things, and your hope for tomorrow. The sections aren't huge but they're big enough, and I'm pleased that the schedule section isn't huge, because I often don't have anything to put in there! I like having to think about a "focus" and a hope for the day after, too. It feels positive! It really does feel like a happiness planner!

Okay so enough rambling from me. Here's some photos:

The box the planner came in, the writing is silver

The notebooks and to do list pad. The notebooks have a space at the top of each page for a date, and are then lined

I love the geometric patterns!

This feels like a really lovely pad in and of itself, it would make a nice gift 

And this is what the to do pad looks like on the inside - the three sections are headed "Must finish today", "must do today" and "might do today"

The planner itself, the bottom bit is silver

Look how thick this thing is! It's huge!

And here are all the extras that came with it - sheets on the bottom that I need to find space on my walls for, clips, a postcard, and the pen. 

My one criticism so far is that I wish the planner had a loop for the pen to live in - otherwise it's a bit hard to keep track of, especially as it doesn't have a clip and keeps rolling away! Otherwise, though, I'm really enjoying my planner so far!

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