Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Lunch out with Philippa

Just before I went on holiday in June I went out for lunch with my friend Philippa. Usually when I see her we meet in Sheffield (last time we went to Make No Bones) but this time she came up to me. I'd been saying how nice Pot House Hamlet was, so we went there. It's really close to my house and the food is all homemade and really delicious. It's often really busy but I hadn't thought to book a table - but fortunately when we got there there were a couple of tables left so we got seated immediately. It isn't huge though and it was surprising how busy it was on just a random Thursday lunchtime.

I had falafel with salads, which is an understatement because it was huge and really yummy. There was hummus and tzatziki and olives and feta, as well as lots of couscous and salad. The falafels themselves were nicely spicy and really crisp. I will definitely get this dish again.

Pippa had the fish and chips, which are always really nice and freshly cooked. For dessert she had raspberry and ginger cake and I had this Oreo chocolate cheesecake which was so good and so filling!

I had just put this Scarlett & Jo dress on to wear, it's one of my favourite dresses and easy to wear. And thanks it has pockets! I love the polka dots and the fact that it's purple. I am definitely taking this on holiday with me!

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