Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sophie Willan in Barnsley

At the beginning of June, Lee and Sam and I had tickets to see Sophie Willan in Barnsley. I'd seen an article about her and thought she sounded like our kind of thing, so we booked tickets. It was really good to see something in Barnsley, where Lee and I live, because we hardly ever go into town and it seems like a shame. We weren't even entirely sure where the Civic Theatre was, but it is nice to support things in your home town.

We went into town about 5.30 and met Sam at Wetherspoons for food, mostly because it was cheap and meant we could have a drink too. We headed across to the Civic at about 7.30 and went straight in to sit down. It wasn't full but it was full enough to feel full if you see what I mean.

Sophie's support act was called Jonny Pelham and he was pretty funny too, I'd see him again for sure. Sophie's act talked about labels she has had, including "northern", "female", and "working class", and why there needs to be nuances within all of those. She was extremely funny, very forthright, and swore a lot, which I love. She made us laugh but she also has sad parts of her act, and she also made us think. We all really enjoyed the show, and I would definitely see her again.

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