Thursday, July 12, 2018

Films of the Month - June

I watched eleven films in June. This doesn't seem like many, especially as Lee and I were away for the last week in Cornwall. We usually watch loads of films on holiday but due to the proximity of the beach and the gorgeous weather we had, we spent a lot of time outdoors instead of inside in the evenings. We only watched four films in seven nights, which for us isn't many at all! Anyway, here's what I watched:

Someone mentioned on Twitter that Suffragette was on Netflix so I thought I'd watch it. I think it did a decent job of showing that working class women were involved in the fight for equal votes too, even though most of them weren't given the vote in 1918 (it was given to women over 30 who owned property, which disenfranchised a LOT of women...). Carey Mulligan irritates me but lots of the cast were really good, so in all I enjoyed this and would recommend it. 

Being Star Wars geeks Lee and I went to the cinema to see Solo: A Star Wars Story. It isn't amazing, but it is amusing and I did enjoy it. I liked the bit where Han met Chewbacca for the first time, and I liked Woody Harrelson a lot. I honestly don't think it deserved to be slated the way it has been. 

As I said last month Lee and I started the Hunger Games trilogy, so we watched Catching Fire, which is my favourite of the four films. It's a perfect middle film. (For reference, my favourite Star Wars film is The Empire Strikes Back, so...) Lee enjoyed it.

I first heard of Telstar ten years ago because Carl Barat is in it and I'm a big Libertines fan, but I was warned off it because of Joe Meek's suicide at the end and my dad had just died by suicide. So trigger warning for that! But I felt I could deal with it now and I wanted to see it. I liked it, it's pretty dark and depressing but has some really funny bits. 

Further on my list of Disney films I wanted to see was Coco. I thought it was excellent, really fun and it looks stunning. I'll definitely watch this again. 

The History Boys is one of my comfort films and I love it so very very much. It has its problems but I find it really dry and funny. I haven't seen it in a while so I enjoyed the rewatch. 

I can't remember what reminded me of My Week With Marilyn, but I thought I'd watch it again. I saw it in the cinema in 2011 but have only seen it that once. It's alright; I don't really like Eddie Redmayne which sort of scuppers loving it. Michelle Williams is great at Marilyn, though

Ratatouille was also on my Disney list, so Lee and I watched it on holiday. Neither of us had ever seen it and we both really enjoyed it! 

My Cousin Vinny is one of our favourite films. Yes it's not deep or anything but it is really funny and Joe Pesci is great. We watched this on our wedding anniversary after we'd been out for the day. 

I saw Hidden Figures at the cinema with Sam but Lee had never seen it. He really enjoyed it, which I was really glad about because I think it's perfect!

Finally, we watched X Men: Days of Future Past. It is probably my favourite X Men film, but I am still holding out for two hours of Quicksilver effing shit up.

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