Saturday, June 22, 2019

Swansea Zine Fest 2019

So it was time for Swansea Zine Fest again! We went last year when it was in its first year and I wanted to go again to support it and my friends who were organising it. It fitted in nicely at the end of our holiday.

Cath and Daf had to set off early to set up the venue so Lee and I headed into the city centre for some breakfast. We went to Zinco Lounge which is in the same chain of restaurants as I went to at Fox Valley a few weeks ago with my friend. Lee hadn't been though and I knew he'd like it. I had the big breakfast again and Lee had poached eggs on toast I think.

After breakfast we headed to Volcano Theatre to set up for the zine fest. We ended up with no tablemate which meant there was enough room for both of us to sit which was nice. I was so tired and didn't really interact with many people, I hope no one minded! We did well selling zines and I had a lovely day.

We set off back home just after 5pm. We had to take a bit of a detour around the valleys but it was quite scenic so it was okay. We stopped for something to eat and got home around 10.30pm. Ivy was very cross, she'd been fed by a catsitter every day but she was cross with us for leaving her!

It was a lovely end to the week.


Sitting behind my stall

The wall in the loo!

My outfit - my flamingo skirt, white top, and grey cardigan

Sunset on the way home

And here are all the zines I picked up!

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