Friday, June 14, 2019

What I Wore 8th May

I never know what to pack on holiday when I'm not sure if it'll be warm. If we're doing a lot I can end up really hot, but if it's cool, especially at night, I can end up cold. I usually end up packing skirts and tops because they seem to be warmer than just dresses, and then pack cardigans too. I wore this on the Wednesday of our holiday. This skirt is quite thin but it was fine with my leggings on. It's really old Scarlett & Jo, I wear it quite a lot. My black top is from Simply Be, it's just a basic black t-shirt. My cardigan is new, though, I had got it just a few days before our holiday. It's long sleeved and not too thick, so I really like it. I like the grey colour too, it makes a change for me! Oh my necklace says "feminist", I bought it in Afflecks in Manchester in March!

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