Thursday, June 20, 2019

Trip to Wales - Day 5

Day 5 of our holiday was the last day in Fishguard. We didn't have to leave the Airbnb until noon so we had a nice leisurely brunch and then packed all the stuff up in the car and headed to Blue Lagoon near Haverford West.

I had been googling a few weeks previous to the holiday about waterparks in the UK. Lee and I really like swimming but don't often visit a leisure centre. We do like to go to a pool on holiday so when I saw this one nearby I thought it was perfect. We had made sure to pack our swimming stuff!

Blue Lagoon is just about a fiver per person and you can stay for three hours, although I have to say when we went no one seemed to be policing that. There's a big family changing village so Lee and I got changed in the same cubicle and put everything into a locker.

There's a big pool which has a wave machine and goes from very shallow to very deep. There's a tiny baby pool. There's a lazy river that goes outside! Outside there's an adults only spa and inside there's one too! The weather was quite warm, definitely warm enough to be in the warm water and laze about outside.

There's three slides, two enclosed ones and one bigger, wider one. I'm not really one for slides but Lee really likes them. He encouraged me to go on the wider slide, which had several stopping points along the way and seems to have been a slide used with rubber rings, although it no longer is. We had to leave our glasses at the top but then we went down.

In the first stopping point I breathed in a load of water and floundered a bit, so by the time we got to the bottom of the slide my heart was beating wildly and I thought I might throw up. Slides are definitely out of my comfort zone! But then I realised I had really enjoyed it so I went on again! I'm proud of myself for doing it!

We stayed three hours - we had some ice cream in the little cafe but apart from that we were just in the water, usually outside, lolling about and swimming. It was lush!

We left about 4.30pm and headed towards Swansea. As I said we were off to the zine fest the next day, and my friend Cath who is one of the organisers said we could stay with her and Daf overnight. We got to Swansea in good time and then set off out for something to eat. We went to a pub near their house and it was very nice!

I didn't take many photos on Friday but here's a few anyway

The converted stables where we stayed

How cute is this little window?

Bye bye Fishguard!

This is the entrance to the swimming pool

And here's my really yummy pizza later that evening!

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