Saturday, June 29, 2019

What I Wore 19th May

On the 19th of May we had our friends Leanne and Adi and their baby April over for lunch. We hadn't seen them in ages except at the vow renewal when we didn't get much chance to speak to them. We decided we would make brunch for all of us, which turned out really nicely! We had smashed avocado, toast, beans, mushrooms, fried eggs, hash browns, veggie sausages and orange juice. Leanne and I shared some wine which was really nice too. April enjoyed it too, which was my aim - to provide something she would eat too.

In the afternoon we chatted and played Mario Kart. Lee likes having someone else to play against except me. As you can see from the photo April was helping her dad to play too!

I wore this purple Yours dress which is really comfortable but still looks nice and chic! I paired it with leggings and slippers - I'm so glamorous I think you'll agree! I also put on this belt which I got at a clothes swap absolutely ages ago.

April and her dad playing Mario Kart

Yours purple dress

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