Monday, June 17, 2019

Trip to Wales - Day 4

We went to Pembroke on the Thursday of our holiday. We drove all the way down and then decided to go in the castle. It wasn't very expensive and I think it was worth it, it's a really complete castle and it's also where Henry VII was born! I thought that was pretty cool.

We walked round loads of it. I was coping without my walking stick on holiday (I think the bed helped my chronic pain, even though I didn't find it very comfortable actually sleep, if that makes sense) so we went all over. I really dislike spiral staircases so I had to take them really slowly like a nana. Lee helped!

We had lunch in the castle - their veggie choice wasn't fantastic but it was nice enough. Then we drove to Pembroke Dock, which I was expecting to be more seaside like? If there was a pleasure beach we couldn't find it. We drove to a couple more places but couldn't really find anything so just ended up going back to the cottage.

In the evening we went out in Fishguard for curry. I wish we'd gone back to Fishguard actually to look round of the shops earlier in the day, because we passed some interesting looking ones! Oh well, we'll have to go back there again one day! The curry house was empty, but really yummy food. I had some kind of paneer curry I think.

You can see I was wearing my Scarlett & Jo purple dotted dress and grey cardigan - perfect for the day!

I was also wearing my gorgeous Tara brooch that my mum bought me for Christmas in 2016 I think

Looking through the gatehouse to the castle

Towards the keep

Along one wall - we felt really high up!

Lee right on top

Me in a doorway proving how short it was (I'm 5'5")

One of the tower rooms - this might have been where Henry VII was born actually

Lee in a fireplace

View from the top 

Me in a slightly bigger fireplace

This is a gun tower on Pembroke Dock

A different ferry that we ended up following all the way out of the estuary

At a place called Dale

And then in Goodwick later that night just as it was getting dark

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