Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Up My Street

Lee and I went for a walk one day in early May, just up our street. I've been doing step aerobics in the house, but wanted some exercise and fresh air, so said we should walk up the street to where there's a bench and back again. Our road is on a hill so I wasn't sure how difficult it would be, but I actually found it an okay walk thankfully.

While we were out I challenged us both to take some photos along the way. Mine were all nature, although there were some interesting non-natural things too. Here's my photos:

Look at the sky, it was beautiful. This field is just opposite our house and there's been a few families exercising and playing in it over the past few weeks, but not today. I've only been in once, a very long time ago!

This tree had really spiky leaves, but I'm not sure what kind it is. I liked it though

This was growing in someone's garden, I liked the flash of red in it

This is the top of a public footpath that I think must go over the motorway on a really high bridge. This gate is really old!

And this is the footpath itself. Lee says it goes into the housing estate first

We stopped here and talked about climbing trees when we were kids, something I really liked to do

And finally this cow parsley is close to our street. I love it, I find it really cheerful!

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