Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Quick Popping Out Outfit

Lee had the 18th and 19th of January off work, because he had plenty of annual leave left and because it was my birthday on the 19th. It was a bit different to last year, when I was away with 9 people in a big house for a weekend of fun! But I was determined to have a nice day, and Lee being off was a good start.

But on the Monday the day before, Lee was off and we needed to go into town to do some work for me, for Lee to pick up a cake he'd ordered for me, and to go to the supermarket. We also got lunch out - Lee wanted KFC and I was hoping the one in town did the vegan burger, but it doesn't. Apparently the other store in Barnsley does so at some point we'll have to go so I can try it. I got food from Taco Bell instead, which is on the same complex. We went to the park to eat it, and then popped to Penistone where I had to drop off a Body Shop order. I'm still doing The Body Shop at Home; I enjoy it and find it quite easy. 

Anyway, I had put on my flamingo skirt. I haven't worn it in ages, as I rarely go out anymore, and I miss wearing it! I love it so much. I had on a tie dyed t-shirt, although you can't see that. Then I'd put on my wrap from Evans. I've had it absolutely forever; it must be about ten years I reckon. I didn't wear it for ages, but over the past year I've found it useful to just shrug on when I know I'll be sitting in the car. It's comfortable as it doesn't have any zips or buttons, and it keeps me warm. 

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  1. The KFC vegan burger is amazing hope you get to try it soon x