Sunday, April 4, 2021

New Pyjamas

If you're anything like me and you've been mainly at home for the past year, you've probably spent a lot of time in pyjamas. Now, I was always a pyjama wearer anyway - if I was at home and no one was there except Lee, I would always be wearing pyjamas, a soft bra, and an old skirt. I find wired bras really uncomfortable and clothes often make me feel itchy by the end of the day. I prefer to be comfy, and as I'm always cold, I like to be warm and cosy too. 

But obviously being at home for the last year has meant that I've worn pyjamas every day. I've not been out that much. I had three or four pairs of pyjamas and I've rotated them over the past year but honestly, they had had it. They had gone all bobbly and horrible. So I set out to find some more. I went first of all to Crazy Clearance and orderede five or six pairs off there. They were a mixture of pyjama sets and 'lounge' wear, which I know has seen a huge surge in popularity over the past year. I haven't ever had any though.

I ended up keeping two sets from Crazy Clearance. One is a lounge wear set, made of velour, and striped. It's really cosy and I think it'll be really cosy in the winter when it's freezing in my attic room. It's pale pink and silver and has silver sequins on it. It's kitsch but I liked it! The other set was pyjamas with a cute top, but I don't remember which.

Two wasn't really good enough to replace all that I needed to bin, so I went on to Simply Be to see what they had. They and Crazy Clearance are owned by JD Williams so often have the same stuff, but Crazy Clearance tends to get stuff a couple of seasons later than Simply Be, and tends to be cheaper. Now I don't care about what's in fashion, so it makes no difference to me, so I always check Crazy Clearance first as I can often pick up dresses from between £10 and £20 which is perfect for me. But I wasn't impressed with their pyjama selection so went on to Simply Be.

They had way more choice, and at about the same price as Crazy Clearance, so that was good. I ordered about 7 sets I think. I ended up keeping four. Some didn't fit right or were an odd material. But I got a bunch of cute new pyjama sets and two loungewear sets I think. They were all under £15. I think I'm set for a while now!

This is the top from one of the sets. The pyjamas bottoms are just black, and also tighter than some pyjamas so feel a bit like leggings! But that's still comfy. I like this top - it's really soft and cosy, and way big enough for me. 

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