Tuesday, May 11, 2021

What I Wore 5th May

I recently was browsing Yours Clothing because I wanted a new long skirt to wear around the house. I didn't find the kind of thing I needed, but I did pick up a new dress and a new tie dye hoodie (which I'll show you in a little bit). I loved the look of this acid wash black Bardot dress and it was around £25 which I thought was fine. I love Bardot tops like this - they suit me and I find them easy to wear, and I like how they show off my tattoos. 

This arrived and I put it on a few days later to pop to work. Now, I blogged last week about being in A&E and being ill. Well, to add insult to injury, I woke up on Tuesday 4th May with a dental abscess. My face was SO swollen. I managed to get in to see a dentist and got some antibiotics, but you can see in this photo that I couldn't smile with the right hand side of my face. Total fail! 

I love the dress though, I'll definitely be wearing it a lot this summer! I'm just hoping for some good weather!

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