Saturday, May 15, 2021

What I Wore 7th May

We went away for the weekend last weekend, to Saltburn by the Sea, which was totally lovely and much needed. We went with my mum and stepdad, although we stayed in different apartments which happened to be across the road from each other. It was so great and I'll share more photos, but first of all here's a new piece of clothing I wore. 

I ordered the black bardot dress from Yours at the same time as this multi coloured tie dye hoodie. I liked it in the picture, and although when it came it's a little more subdued than I was expecting, I still liked it enough to keep it. It's got nice length sleeves and it was very cosy and warm when I was in the sea air getting rained on, which makes it nice to wear! It's a bargain at £27 I think. I was wearing it with the black Bardot dress, leggings, and my slip on Converse, which I wore all weekend and found comfortable to do lots of walking in! 

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