Thursday, May 27, 2021

What I Wore 8th May

I wore a new top on Saturday 8th May. I don't know if you've seen the Channel 4 drama It's A Sin, which focuses on gay men in the 80s as the Aids crisis hits, but my friends and I watched it together and really enjoyed it (and found it very sad and tragic too). In it, the group of friends greets each other by saying 'La!' and my friends and I joked that that's how we will greet each other when we're finally allowed to see each other post lockdown.

Then I saw on Twitter that someone was making La t-shirts. The person is Philip Normal, who has a shop here. The La t-shirts cost £25, but £17 of that goes to the Terrence Higgins Trust which is committed to fighting Aids. I already support THT so was happy for that money to go to them. I ordered the XXL, hoping it would fit. It arrived super quickly and I wanted to wear it while we were away.

The XXL does fit me, but it's a little snug on my hips and would ride up I think. But as I was going to tuck the top into a skirt anyway, I don't think it mattered that it was a little snug on my hips. I wore it with my yellow Scarlett & Jo skirt, which I love and which I wear often. Please excuse my hair in this photo - I'd been out in the wind and hadn't yet brushed it! 

I love this outfit. La! 

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