Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Weekend in Saltburn: Day 1

As I said, Lee and I were away with my mum and stepdad in Saltburn by the Sea, which is about half an hour north of Whitby. Lee and I have been before with our friends Leanne and Adi, but had never stayed there, so I was excited to do that. We had booked apartments opposite each other on Amber Street, which is just near the cliff top near the funicular (although that wasn't running due to Covid, which is a shame). Ours was the bigger apartment so we spent more time there, especially as it had a good size dining table which was best for eating at.

We set off on Friday morning and met up in Thirsk for lunch. There's a book shop there that has a cafe in it, and I remembered they had tables outside even pre Covid, so that was ideal for lunch. It chucked it down though and we weren't totally under the gazebo, so Lee and I got wet. But lunch was nice. We went in a couple of charity shops and then set off to Saltburn. We got settled, and then around 4pm went down to the front. It was raining on and off, but we didn't get too wet. We got an ice cream just near the pier, because you have to have ice cream by the seaside!

We weren't out very long. As I've been ill, I needed to rest quite a bit, so I had a lie down. We ordered food from a place in Redcar - my stepdad wanted fish and chips so he and Lee had that, my mum had fishcake, and I had a vegetarian cheeseburger which was really nice! We did quizzes in after tea and drank wine and it was really lovely. I've really missed seeing my mum over a year of lockdown - I would normally see her at least once a week and it was so hard to barely see her. So it was lovely to spend a whole weekend with her!

Here's my photos from Friday:

Saltburn pier

And from closer to 

Me with the pier behind me. You can tell I've not been well - I look really pale here! My lips are the same colour as my face!

Lee and I with ice creams

The sea! Gorgeous sea!

Lee and my mum

Beautiful rainbow beach huts

And the other side of the pier :)

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