Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Trip to Ilkley - Day 2

We had booked into breakfast at 10am on the following morning of our weekend away, so we were up just before that. Unlike in May when we had to have breakfast in our room, this time we went down to the dining room in Craiglands and could order anything from a full English breakfast to all different continental bits. We both chose a veggie breakfast and some other bits, and when it came it was delicious and just what we needed. 

We checked out at eleven and drove just a little way into the centre of Ilkley. We parked and went in a few shops. Lee checked out the charity shops. Then we joined the queue for Betty's, which is iconic in Yorkshire. I've been in most of the others, but not this one. We had to queue for quite a while as it isn't huge inside and I think they've taken out a couple of tables thanks to Covid, but we decided it was worth it. Once inside, we ordered a milkshake and a piece of cake each - it was around lunchtime but we'd obviously had a big breakfast. I had a chocolate eclair which was lovely.

After that we set off back as we were both tired. We took my mum and stepdad a cake each from Betty's as a thank you for looking after the kittens. They had been good girls except when my mum was trying to put them to bed in one room - Poppy hates going to bed and resisted my mum shutting her in! Too funny cos she does that at home. 

It was a lovely trip away and while the spa wasn't huge, it was worth the £15 for three hours that we each paid. We had a lovely time!

Danish pastries for breakfast which were delicious 

Breakfast with a veggie sausage

My chocolate eclair

And my really yummy chocolate milkshake

And finally Lee's vanilla slice

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