Saturday, August 28, 2021

Afternoon Tea at Wentworth Garden Centre

For Christmas 2019, you know, in the Before Times, my mum and stepdad bought us a voucher for afternoon tea at Wentworth Garden Centre. I don't know if you've ever been but it's a lovely place - there's a large gift shop, a huge plant nursery, a cafe with the nicest homemade cake, gardens, an aquarium/farm, children's play area, etc etc. I love it there and my mum had had an afternoon tea so she bought us the voucher. However, due to lockdown, we obviously haven't been able to use it, and we weren't sure if it had an expiry date or not.

But a few weeks ago Lee rang up and we could still use it, so we booked the tea for one Sunday afternoon. The only time they had was 3.30, which was a strange time really, but we had some early lunch and just chilled out for most of the day until we set off for Wentworth. 

We went into the cafe which was the emptiest I have literally ever seen it. It's usually heaving. But restrictions were still in place so I guess that is partly why. I was expecting to be seated in the cafe but instead we were led through to the Bothy, where there were a couple of other tables already eating afternoon tea.

As it was so hot we were offered the choice of cold drinks instead of tea and coffee,  so Lee went for lemonade and I ordered a Coke. I don't often drink full sugar Coke (we usually have caffeine free) but it's really nice when the pop is cold and the weather is hot. 

Our afternoon tea stands arrived just after the drinks. I had all vegetarian sandwiches and Lee didn't have any red meat, but I swapped one of my egg sandwiches for his cheese and chutney as he doesn't like cheese. There were tons of cakes on top - scones, a chocolate torte, lemon posset, coffee cake, and a raspberry meringue. I couldn't eat all the cake so brought some home.

It was a really lovely tea, it's just a shame it was so hot in the Bothy. I'm glad we finally got to use our gift! 

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