Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Lush bath

I am not a bath person. I never have a bath at home, because ours is tiny, and I rarely do anywhere else either. I don't have time for baths! I love showers, I'm a shower person. I own over twenty bottles of shower gel for crying out loud!

However, while on holiday, we had plenty of time to relax and a bath, so I planned in advance and asked my Lush guru friend Stacey to choose some bath bombs for me, since I have no clue which are good. She bought a good selection and told me to choose which I liked and she'd keep the rest (this is true friendship!). I kept most of them, actually. I think I left Sakura with her.

I used this on the Monday before getting tattooed, since you're not supposed to soak new tattoos. So I only used one of the four (five?), but they'll keep for next time I go somewhere with a decent bath. I had no clue what the Lush bombs did, so it was really fun to watch!

This bomb is called Twilight, and although it does smell of lavender, there's something citrus in there too I think. It was lovely!

Firstly the bath went pink

Then the blue starts to dissolve and the water goes purple

And here's a photo to prove that I was indeed in the bath! I actually spent ages in there, just relaxing. The bath bomb has a nice silver shimmer in it too, which stayed on my skin for a while.

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