Thursday, March 31, 2016

Visit to Great Yarmouth

On the Wednesday of our holiday we went to Great Yarmouth. Lee and I really like going to the seaside, like when we went to Scarborough last autumn; we like to walk by the sea and play in the arcades. Not all of them were open in Great Yarmouth, it being out of season, but quite a few were. The only thing we didn't get to do was play mini golf, boo!

It was hailing on the way there and we had to slow right down

This is just to prove that I beat Lee at bowling - I scored 123 to his 119!

I also beat him at air hockey the first time, he beat me the second though.

And here he is playing House of the Dead

We drove out of Great Yarmouth heading towards Lowestoft and stopped on the seafront. There was an ice cream van so you better believe we bought ice creams and ate them in three degree weather!

I love this picture, we both look cute. It's my current profile picture on Facebook

Looking towards Great Yarmouth's dockyards on the left.

And the wide open sea on the right.

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