Monday, March 14, 2016

Films of the Month - February

I watched a lot of films in February! This is partly because Lee and I were on holiday, staying in Suffolk for a week in a cottage. We took tons of DVDs and watched 11 films while we were there! Some fall into this month and some into March's.

The Man Who Would Be King - I really liked this. I like Michael Caine (The Italian Job is one of my favourite films ever) and I'd never seen this, so I watched it on Netflix
Legend - this was excellent. I feel like a lot of stuff about the Krays ignore how nasty Reggie Kray was - you always see Ronnie portrayed as a violent psychopath but Reggie always seems sort of benign to me. He isn't in this, he's absolutely off the scale just like his brother. Tom Hardy was great, I recommend this
School of Rock - this is also one of my favourite films, and I don't even like Jack Black. It was on the TV so I watched it.

Grease Live - Like many girls my age, I grew up on Grease and loved the live version.
Magic Mike - I've seen this before but didn't really like it on the second watching
The Empire Strikes Back - after our trip to see The Force Awakens at Christmas, Lee and I have rewatched all the originals. This is my favourite of the three

We The Tiny House People - I am fascinated with tiny houses. If I was single, I could so live in one. This was a lovely documentary about them
Men in Black - the first film Lee and I watched, we both love it
Finding Nemo - this was on TV and I watched it while Lee had a long bath in our holiday cottage. It's possibly my favourite of the Pixar films, although I really like Monsters Inc too

The Strike - this is a Comic Strip feature film thing, so I'm counting it here. It's really funny and I haven't seen it in ages. Do watch it if you're into The Young Ones or anything and haven't seen it.

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