Monday, March 21, 2016

New tattoos!

On our second day in Suffolk, the Sunday, we went to the supermarket to get stuff for the week and then relaxed for the whole rest of the day, watching loads of TV and films. I was working on a cross stitch and Lee did a jigsaw - so rock and roll!

However, on the Monday we went to see Lee's friend Zoe and she tattooed us! She's based in Curiosity Tattoos in Ipswich and I highly highly recommend her if you're in the area or you want to travel.

Lee wanted "You suffer but why" which is a Napalm Death lyric, Zoe drew it up. I wasn't sure what I wanted, but liked the henna design tattoos she does. Lee mentioned I should get some ivy leaves (since our cat is called Ivy) so I said those two things to Zoe and she came up with this amazing design for me. She offered to redraw any part I wanted, but I loved it just as it was. She added a couple of the edge leaves. You can't really tell here, but the henna ink is brown like actual henna. It was really painful, especially towards the top of my arm, but it's healing well and as I write on the 6th of March it's just really itchy! I love the shading, I love how it's got ivy in, I love how pretty it is!

All taped up just after it was done. It bled quite badly - I bleed a lot though.

Here's Lee having his done - he liked it much better than last time

Here's mine, isn't it beautiful? I'm so in love, especially with the swirls and the shading. I keep looking at it! I don't usually have my arms on show but I think this summer I'll have to to show it off!

And here's Lee's!

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