Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hanging out with friends

In the middle of February I was catsitting in Sheffield and it was Laura's birthday so she invited me and a few others over for food and stuff. She invited me to stay over which I agreed to because it meant I could have a drink! She did nibbles to eat and Katie made an epic birthday cake. We chatted and laughed a lot - I had a lot of fun

Drinking rum and coke from a Kilner jar mug - such a hipster

A piece of the amazing cake - I couldn't eat all of my piece

Here's Katie, Laura, Philippa, Jo, and me :) I'm wearing a dress from Yours, I've posted it before.

This cute cushion was on the bed, I wanted to steal it!

Here was the bedding on the bed, so cute!

In the morning Laura's toddler Franklin was taking pictures of us, I was taken by this one.

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