Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Visit to Prashad

My friend Laura asked me if I wanted to go to Prashad's restaurant which is between Bradford and Leeds, very close to the M62. It's a totally vegetarian restaurant, and there's lots of vegan choice, gluten free, nut free, and so on, too. We went on Wednesday 17th February; we hadn't booked a table so we had to wait a few minutes but it wasn't too long a wait at all.

The restaurant has won lots of awards and is fine dining, so prices are a little higher than they are in your average Indian restaurant, but it's worth it. Everything is decorated very nicely and as soon as we'd sat down we were brought a complementary amuse bouche - I didn't catch exactly what it was but it tasted a bit like falafel and was yummy!

We got poppadoms and pickle tray to start off with; the poppadoms had cumin seeds in and were yummy but were very thin. I ordered chaat to start with and Laura had dahi puri. The chaat was delicious but very spicy.

For main course we both went for massala dosa with paneer filling. It was one of the strangest things I've ever eaten due to how it was presented in the crepe, but it was delicious and very filling.

Finally Laura had chocolate orange ice cream but I was too full.

Our total bill was just under £56 which I felt was fair for what we'd had. It's a really nice experience and I'd definitely like to go back!

All opinions are my own! I just liked the restaurant and thought I'd share :)

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  1. Prashad is quite literally down the road from where my mum and step-mum live! We had take-away from there for Thomas's birthday but none of us were hugely impressed (mind, T & I live in Leicester which has the best Indian food outside India!). However, last time we were up visiting we went to Bundobust in Leeds and oh. my. gosh the food is INCREDIBLE! It's run by the people behind Prashad so perhaps we just got a bad night there. Bundobust is awesome for drinking too, they have a huge range of beers and ales, plus cider, plus cocktails. And it's just next to the train station! (sorry, I'm starting to sound like I'm on commission - I'm not!)