Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Books of the month - March

Here's what I read in March. It was a bit of a rubbish reading month for me, to be honest. I started a couple of things that I just couldn't get into, so I don't count them here. If I finish them, I'll count them.

This is a Young Adult novel about a society in which anyone who's found morally lacking is branded for life with an F. It's a fairly standard dystopian novel. You can read my more in-depth review here.

This is a YA novel about a girl who gets pregnant, and the new boy at her school volunteers to pretend that he's the baby's dad. You can read my more in-depth review here. I didn't hate this book, but I didn't love it either.

I love Peter Robinson's  DCI Banks novels, and have read lots of them over the years. This is a collection of short stories, some of which include Banks and one of which details why he went to Yorkshire in the first place. I've read this before, but I think it must be around 5 years ago and I didn't remember much of it. I liked it, it was an easy read after two disasters that I didn't manage to finish.

I love Rainbow Rowell's novels, so I bought this novella as a treat for myself. It's a very cute story about a girl who goes to camp outside in line for the new Star Wars film. Rainbow is so good at creating characters - each of the three main ones are very well drawn. You can read my more in-depth review here

I fell in love with the TV show Grantchester, so when I saw this popping up on NetGalley I requested it. It's a few short stories about Sidney Chambers and Geordie Keating, but not many of which I'd seen in the TV show. It was a little awkwardly written and stilted, but I did enjoy it. 

And that was March in books!

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