Friday, April 8, 2016

Holiday crafting

This is the last post about our holiday I promise! It was actually lovely, we did a lot of relaxing and chatting to each other which we don't always get a lot of chance to do. I did some writing and a lot of reading and also some crafting.

I like cross stitch, I'm good at reading patterns and I find it really soothing. We bought this kit in Cleethorpes last year and I started it in January, intending to give it to Lee for Valentines Day, but it didn't happen. But I got it finished! I don't know what he'll do with it, it needs a frame I think.

When we arrived on holiday I'd only done the right square, so this was after a bit more work.

And here it is finished on the Friday! They're all things from Super Mario, I like the Fire Power Flower (bottom right) best myself.

While I was cross stitching, Lee was doing a jigsaw. I didn't touch even one piece of the thousand here, he did it all himself over the course of the week. It's so relaxing!

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