Saturday, April 23, 2016

Films of the Month - March

You may remember me saying that while Lee and I were away we watched lots of films, so many of these were watched on holiday. It was a busy month!

1) Raiders of the Lost Ark - can you believe I'd never seen this? And I profess to be a Harrison Ford fan! Unfortunately, I didn't like it much, sorry Harrison love
2) Die Hard With A Vengeance - I'd say this is my favourite Die Hard film, but I actually like the first three so much that I can't choose. But I do love this one a lot.
3) Scream - one of my favourite films. I don't like scary films because I'm easily scared, but I've seen this so often now that it's fine!

4) Return of the Jedi - we'd watched the other two recently, so we had to complete the trilogy obviously!
5) The Shining - again a scary film that I can stomach!
6) Jaws - another classic that I love

7) X Men First Class - I actually really prefer Days of Future Past, but this is okay too I guess
8) Shaun of the Dead - the last film we watched on holiday
9) Girl Interrupted - I have seen this before but not for YEARS. I enjoyed it, Angelina is terrifying in it!

10) Legally Blonde - it was on the TV when I was in Bradford with Sam and Jacqui, I have seen it before but a long time ago, so it was nice to see it
11) X Men Days of Future Past - ha I guess we thought we'd better watch this too. I love Evan Peters in it
12) Grease 2 - since I'd watched the Grease Live thing I wanted to see this again, I only saw it once when I was young I think. It's good! Michelle Pfeiffer is excellent.

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