Thursday, April 21, 2016

Photos from Manchester

So finally here are the photos from my day trip to Manchester! As I said previously, travelling there and back was a little bit of a pain but I managed it and it was really worth it as I got to spend time with some gorgeous girls and I bought some really nice things! I got two stripy tops and two cold shoulder tops and the hoodie I posted just before, and some chocolate in the brand new Lindt shop. I'll show you the clothes as I wear them :)

Inside Manchester Victoria there are these old tiles as signage for the "first class refreshment room". I love the colours of them.

This is the National Football Museum. There's a sign on it that says "City. United. Liverpool. Barcelona" which I thought was pretty funny. The building is huge and a really odd shape that you can't really see here, but I quite like it.

I met up with Steph and Kelly and we headed to Infamous Diner at Kelly's suggestion. It turned out to be a great one as it was really fun and delicious! This is a bubblegum colada and yes it was only just noon but hey it's five o'clock somewhere.

I had a chilli dog with curly fries and the biggest most delicious onion rings ever (not pictured). The prices are very reasonable and I was full.

We headed into Selfridges to see if we could see the Beth Ditto collection. There wasn't much of it there, but there was range of sizes which is good. I am told this print is supposed to look like a make up palette and it really does! I didn't try anything on as there's no way I could afford it, but I liked looking at it!

Bless Beth!

My final photo of the day - bye Manchester until next time!

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