Sunday, April 17, 2016

What I Wore 12th March

Steph organised a shopping trip to Manchester Arndale in March so I thought I'd pop along. It ended up being a lot more difficult than it should have as trains from my house to Huddersfield were cancelled due to problems at Sheffield, but I managed to get to Huddersfield and then across to Manchester Victoria. I know that the station is close to the Arndale so it was ideal for me. I met Steph and Kelly and we immediately decided lunch was in order!

I'll post more pictures from the day in my next couple of posts, but I thought I'd post what I wore. I was rifling through my wardrobe trying to find something which would be warm enough, long enough, and comfortable enough for travelling and shopping. I pulled this dress out, unsure which it was. I didn't recognise it AT ALL, and it still had the tags on! I must have bought it in the Yours sale as it had a sticker for £15 on, but I don't recall at ALL when I bought it! Weird!

(No that does not mean I have too many dresses!)

I love the colour, it's a gorgeous vibrant purple. I'd just redyed my hair black so the purple looked good with it! I like the raglan sleeves, too. I think it was supposed to have a belt (it has belt loops) but didn't have a belt so I added this ribbon and tied it in a bow. It is a really lovely dress so I'll definitely wear it again soon.

I took this photo in Evans, hence the bright lighting from the mirror

Lee took this at home for me, better? Possibly not, but you can see the dress!

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