Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Weekend in Bradford - Part II

On Saturday morning in Bradford we went to the National Media Museum. I haven't been in years, but when I was a child it was a very exciting place to go. We parked behind the museum and then started at the top of it and worked our way down. There were some things I remembered from being little, but lots of new stuff too. We had a lot of fun and I took a billion photos! Some of these are Sam's, too.

View from the top of the museum out into Bradford City Park

I liked this pattern, I want paper with it on!

I really like paper silhouettes like this

Wombles! They're so cute

Can you believe that this is the only Wallace and Gromit set that survives? This was due to a fire in the archives, and this one only survived because it lived at the museum!


Andy Pandy

I loved this photo of Patsy and Edie, I loved Ab Fab

In the games part, all the seats looked like Tetris pieces which I thought was cool

I mostly took this photo for Lee who is really into retro gaming

Jac and I were playing Sonic 2 on the Megadrive - she beat me, boo!

Sam was using her body to control music here. The guy in the black shirt is a DJ and coded it himself - it was really cool to hear the music fade in and out when Sam waved her arm!

Funny mirror

And another one!

This was a shadow box, I think here we were pretending to be in Saturday Night Fever

And here we were posing as Charlie's Angels

Thunderbirds are go!

More Wombles

A life size Dalek!

Which I posed with

Retro TVs in the television section

The museum is free although you can of course donate, and it also has a cafe and gift shop. It's a really great museum and I'd especially recommend it if you have kids, there's loads of interactive stuff for them to test out and play with. 

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