Friday, May 26, 2017

Bank Holiday 1st May

On the first bank holiday in May Lee and I had the day in together. In the morning we cleaned the bedroom and then went to Fox Valley in Stocksbridge. It's a newish shopping complex and I kept seeing the sign and fancied going. We arrived about 1pm and it was really busy. We went into Paperchase first and I picked up a few bits - my favourites are the flamingo stickers!

Then we went to the New York Bar & Grill for lunch. It wasn't really busy, but the service was really slow. They did apologise, but I wasn't too impressed. The food wasn't great, it was okay but overpriced. I did enjoy the cream soda I had, though.

Then we wandered round the other shops. I'd been after a pair of Karrimor sandals for a while and Sports Direct had them for just £15! They were in the kids section, but they had up to size 6 so they were perfect for me. I also picked up a pair of Dunlop low tops in this gorgeous burgundy colour. They were in the kids section too and were just £12! Bargain.

It was quite a fun place to go, really close to our house. We went to Tesco on the way home because we had my mum and stepdad coming for tea and we needed to pick up a few bits.

I was wearing this Lovedrobe dress which I've worn before but not often. I love the pattern on it but it feels really short on me so I feel a bit uncomfortable in it. I should probably wear it more until I feel better in it!

Lovedrobe, years ago. Standing in the front garden just as we were leaving.

What I bought in Paperchase. I have one of their Treat Me cards which I think is so worth it/

Dunlop trainers, size 6.5 as I find this style come up small on me.

Karrimor sandals, perfect for upcoming camping trips!


  1. Hi there! Still reading your blog in my feed reader. I am just dropping by to say this one thing.

    If I can't see your knees, it is nowhere near short. :) I really love the pattern on that dress, too. :)

    1. You know, I had exactly that thought when I saw the photos. It doesn't look too short, so I'll carry on wearing it.