Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sun's out....

As the weather gets warmer people wear fewer clothes because, you know, it's warm. I know a lot of plus size people don't feel comfortable showing certain parts of their body and I wanted to just post a little bit about that. I took this photo on the same day as I took the gardening ones posted recently and I posted it to Instagram with the caption "Sun's out, got my hairy chubby tattooed eczema ridden legs out".

People might give you funny looks, and I'm sorry that society is really crap, but you have the right to wear whatever you like when it's hot. Whether that's shorts or no leggings or no sleeves or a crop top or whatever, you can wear it. I promise you. If you're fatter than average or if your skin doesn't meet some bullshit beauty standard, or whatever, you have permission to just let your body be in the sunshine. I promise.

I enjoyed sitting in my garden in just a dress, letting my legs soak up the sun and some Vitamin D!

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