Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Films of the Month - March

I watched thirteen films in March which feels like loads! Partly this was because the weekend I was in Matlock with my friends, we watched six films! Here's my round up anyway.

Sam and I watched this together and both really enjoyed it. I usually can't stand Steve Coogan but he was good in this. Similar to the Magdalene Sisters film which is one of my favourites. Recommended.

The first of the films I watched with my friends in Matlock! As we threw Sarah a mini hen party, we decided to watch wedding themed films. This is one of my favourite films, I knoew it's daft but I just like it!

The second wedding themed film. I'd never seen this, I like Sandra Bullock a lot so I quite liked it.

On the Sunday of our weekend away, Sarah and Jacqui had to leave because they had to work the next day, so Steph and Sam and I got into our pyjamas by around 3pm and watched films for the rest of the day. This was the first one, it's terrible but quite amusing.

Singin' in the Rain is such a classic and I love it. Debbie Reynolds is amazing. 

I have this terrible love for One Direction that my friends tease me about mercilessly, so Sam bought me this from the pound shop. So I made her watch it with me. It is great, I don't even care. Harry is my fave.

The final film of our weekend, I'd never seen this but it was quite amusing.

The best Star Wars film because it's actually the best. 

Steph was telling us about this film while we were away so I was curious. It is TERRIBLE. It's set in Yorkshire and the accents are AWFUL. Please never again.

Sam and I went to the cinema to see this. It's good, but I have read about the problems with it since. Still I'm glad we saw it and it is extremely pretty.

Lee and I went to the cinema to see this, it's fantastic. It's not just an X-Men film, it's a really dark drama film. I loved it.

This is one of my favourite films too, because I love Sam Riley and I love Joy Division. It's so funny in places. A fantastic biopic.

Lastly I watched Brokeback Mountain because I haven't seen it in forever. It's so beautiful and I'm still sad Heath Ledger is dead.

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