Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Films of the Month - April

I watched fifteen films in April which is an average of one every cople of days, which seems like a lot!

X Men Apocalypse: Lee and I were away in the caravan and took this to watch in the evening. It's not my favourite of the prequels but I do very much enjoy Oscar Isaac
Hot Fuzz: We also watched this, having not seen it in ages. I like it, but not as much as Shaun of the Dead
Jackie: I wanted to see this and thought it was really good, a very interesting look at the events immediately surrounding JFK's death.

Mrs Doubtfire: I loved this film as a kid and wanted to nostalgically watch it. It's still quite sweet I guess.
Jinnah: After I saw Viceroy's House at the cinema in March I wanted to see this. It's good, but why Christopher Lee is playing Jinnah I'll never know.
The Virgin Suicides: Again, a film I like that I haven't seen in forever. I really like the book too.

500 Days of Summer: I have only seen this once before and I was in the mood for Zooey Deschanel so.
Hidden Figures: Sam and I went to the cinema to see this and it was fantastic. So interesting and so amazing. I loved all the three leads equally. See this if you haven't already
The History Boys: One of my favourite films and one I can quote practically the whole way through. I wanted something comforting

Yentl: I've heard of this but never seen it, but someone mentioned it at my book club when we were talking about The Tempest. It's quite good.
Room: I loved this. I read the book about five years ago and thought it was so interesting and chilling. The film is really faithful to the book (which makes sense as the author wrote the screenplay) and the child playing Jack is just fabulous.
The Lady in the Van: I missed this at Christmas but was reminded of it when I watched the History Boys. It's about a woman who ended up living on Alan Bennett's drive for 15 years, it's a true story. I liked it, plus all the cast of the history boys are in it which was lovely to see.

Janis, Little Girl Blue: Someone recommended this on Twitter. It's on Netflix and I really recommend it. It's a really interesting look at her life. I share my birthday with Janis Joplin which I'm proud of! She had such a voice
Paddington: Someone said this was really cute and they weren't wrong, haha
Never Let Me Go: I read the book so then I watched the film. I liked Carey Mulligan a lot but felt the film fell a bit flat.

So that's my round up - will May have as many films?!

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