Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Weekend in York with Lee - Saturday

In York we got up bright and early and had toast for breakfast. We caught the bus around midday in to York. It goes to Stonebow and then round to the train station, so we got off in Stonebow and walked up Colliergate and then down Goodramgate. We popped into a few shops, including the Travelling Man comic book shop and Earworm Records. Lee bought a couple of records. We stopped by the Minster for a drink at The Vanilla Cafe. We went round the Minster and down High Petergate where I bought a couple of books. We went into the Red House Antique Centre because I wanted an emerald ring and I know that they have gorgeous second hand jewellery in there. I wasn't disappointed!

My mum had offered to buy me the ring, and it was a bargain £76.50. It's got a gorgeous emerald surrounded by diamonds and I'm so pleased with it. It does fit me, but it could use being a half size bigger for comfort. Fortunately, I have a cousin who is a jeweller who will do that for me!

We were beginning to get hungry by this time, so we decided to look for somewhere to eat. Lee wanted to go back to Earworm to buy another record, so we headed back down Goodramgate and while we were there went to Caesar's for food. I've never been in there before, but it was delicious and I'd really recommend it. They had a daytime special offer on which was up to three courses for £15. We had two courses each for £13. I had deep fried mozarella and then salmon tagliatelli which were both so good. Definitely go there!

By this time it was almost 4.30 and we were both pretty knackered, so we bought sandwiches from Tesco for later, and then got the bus back to the caravan site. We got back about 5pm and it was still light and really mild! Just perfect. We watched a couple of films, an episode of Columbo, and ate our sandwiches happily around 9pm.

I wasa brought up going caravanning and although I do love camping and the community aspects to it, I still like the caravan too. It's relaxing and simple, which are two of my favourite things. We had such a lovely weekend together and I'd say we'll definitely consider going to the van again for a cheap weekend!

Here's some photos I took:

These were the zines in Travelling Man! I bought an issue of Shape & Situate that I don't have. The whole place is really great, I'd recommend it for women and LGBT people - they have a whole shelf of feminist and queer books!

The green door on the right is Earworm Records, and on the left is a vintage shop that I really liked too. This is a snickleway, a great Yorkshire word for a little path like this between buildings. Round my end, that's a ginnel. What's it to you?

This was in the Vanilla Cafe, it was really cute with vintage furniture. Pretty sure my grandma owns the table we were sitting at. 

The East Window in the Minster from the outside. The Minster is just stunning, in size and beauty. I'll never get sick of looking at it. I graduated from here in 2005!

Here's the statue of Constantine outside the Minster. He became Emperor of the Roman Empire while in York and was also the person to make the Roman Empire Christian after his supposed conversion to Christianity. I like this statue.

The bottom end of the Minster from the antiques centre

Cheers! Drinking win in Caesar's. Wearing my green lollidot dress - it was warm enough to wander around with no coat!

Waiting for the bus.

And here's the ring I bought! It's an emerald with diamonds clustered round it, and I like the way the shoulders get wider. I love it!

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