Monday, July 3, 2017

Holiday to France - Day 4

On Tuesday morning of our holiday Lee and I went into the next village to buy bread. I was going a bit stir crazy after two days doing nothing, so we decided to have a ride to Nontron after breakfast, just the two of us. It wasn't far. We weren't sure what to do for lunch so went into the supermarket there to get sandwiches and drinks. French supermarkets never used to have ready meals like in Britain, but over the past few years they've started stocking them. We got a really nice salad, too, and ended up eating lunch in a field in the sunshine - perfect! Here's some photos of Nontron:

These really strange statues were in a car park in Nontron and by what I could understand of the French they depicated this one (the husband) shoving the other one into a fire with the bellows

And here's the poor woman who got pushed in!

I met this cat - he was very sweet but quite raggedy looking, so probably a stray.

Cute, though

That's our car on the left. I stopped to take photos of the church and Lee stayed in the car. I could hear really lovely organ music from inside but both doors were locked

From top

to bottom!

I love big old church doors like this

And this was the roof of the porch

And here's where we had lunch

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