Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Grrrl Con 2017 - Day 1

Last year I went to Grrrl Con, a conference for women writers, in Edinburgh and thoroughly enjoyed it, so when I saw that it was being held in Manchester this year I obviously had to go. I booked a hotel which was a bit dodgy but did the job, and set off from my village at 8am on the Friday morning.

This year the con was three days instead of two, which was great as it meant more to do, but it also meant it was even more exhausting. I'm glad I was able to take a few days to relax afterwards because I really needed it. I am writing a zine about the conference as a whole so I don't want to share everything here, but I thought I'd post some photos.

I got the train from our village to Huddersfield, and from there to Manchester. It was fine, the trains weren't busy at all. I had plenty of chance to read my book (which is excellent and everyone should read it).

The first panel, in the main room. I don't think this picture gives the true scope of the conference - there were about 70 of us in that room and attending the con!

My first workshop talked about the inner critic and how to get rid of it, with Rosie Garland. It was really cathartic and amazing! 

Looking out of the back of Ziferblat, one of the venues. I love these Manchester streets (the Northern Quarter)

On Friday evening I went out to eat by myself which was terrifying but I was fine. I went to Turtle Bay as I knew I liked the food. I liked this on the receipt, in support of the attack at Manchester Arena recently. I love Turtle Bay and the curry I had was really spicy. This waitress was really lovely too. 

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