Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What I Wore June 27th

I went to Huddersfield on the 27th of June to do a batik painting workshop at S2R. It was run by my friend Kim so it was nice to see her. I really enjoyed getting the chance to do batik painting, it was really relaxing too!

Anyway I chucked on this top with my plain black skirt. I had forgotten about this top I think, and I'd definitely forgotten that it had sleeves. Then it came up in Timehop that I wore it in 2013 on holiday, so I thought I'd put it on.The front is really silky and has this gorgeous print on it, while the back is stretchy and plain grey, making this a top that feels really fancy but is super comfortable to wear. I'll definitely wear it more, especially when the sun shines!

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