Monday, August 28, 2017

Weekend Trip - Day 2

We woke up to no rain, and just a bit of cloud, which was good. We had breakfast in the hotel which was fair for what it was, and then we checked out and went to Lytham pier, where there was an amusement arcade.

We walked on the beach for a bit first, walking under the pier. The sea was still pretty far away, but the weather was nice. Then we walked down the pier right to the end. Then we played in the amusements. It was early so the games were all free so we played on loads of them, including loads of ones I've not played on before. We won loads of tickets and swapped them for stickers and sweeties like ten year olds. It was a decent cute amusement arcade if you're ever round that way.

Under the boardwalk//down by the sea!

Panorama view

The pier

Very cute mini golf, Lee would've played it if he'd been there!

Lytham beach

Me and Jacqui playing air hockey

Trainer pals

Selfie on the end of the pier

Then we drove up from Lytham to Blackpool. We drove alllll the way up the prom almost all the way to Fleetwood, and stopped on the front there to look at the sea a bit. The sun was properly coming out by now. 

I know these were cement blocks but they look like dead AT-AT Walkers to me!

Sunshine selfie, obviously. Did I show you my new sunglasses? I'm in love with them

Sam and Jacqui sitting on the prom

We drove back into Blackpool itself and decided to go up the tower. None of us had ever been (I've only been to Blackpool a couple of times ever) and if we booked online it was only £10.50 each. We parked just behind the tower and walked through the shopping centre to get to it. 

The first part of the visit is a 3D cinema experience. I really struggled with 3D because of my glasses, but this didn't last too long and was pretty fun. Then we went in a big lift and right up the tower! There's an extra part that you can walk up to, but as I'm pretty scared of heights I didn't do that. Sam and Jac did, though. There's a view all the way round the tower which is pretty cool. 

In the cinema waiting for the show to start

Jacqui and Sam on the glass floor which I, in no way shape or form, wanted to walk on. I stood very close to the edge but not on it

Looking down at the ground from the very top

Looking out to the sea

This was a whole load of comedy sayings like 'suits you sir' on the ground, it was pretty cool

Looking up the coast towards Fleetwood

Out across Blackpool

Down the coast towards Lytham

Just out the back of the tower. My car is in this picture! The winter gardens are in the middle back, I've been to the punk festival Rebellion in there a couple of times

Better view of the winter gardens

Once we'd been up the tower and in the gift shop we went back outside where it was really warm, and decided it was nearly lunch time. I love this photo looking up at the tower. 

We saw this heritage tram which was just gorgeous. 

All along the seafront were these horses and carriages that you could hire, I kind of liked them

They've done loads of work on Blackpool prom over the past decade and it really shows, it looks good and really pedestrian friendly

We bought fish and chips and sat on the prom eating them in the sunshine

Unfortunately I managed to drop half of mine and the seagulls descended, honestly it was like The Birds. We moved

Then we decided to get on the heritage tram and go up and down the prom. It was really cute! 

Selfie with Sam's phone on the tram

The ferris wheel and the tower in the same shot from the front window of the tram

After the tram we went into Coral Island which is a huge amusement arcade, it was packed. We played a bunch more games and got more prizes. So much fun!

Then we got ice creams and ate them on the prom. They were huge! 

Sam's photo

By this time it was about 4pm so we decided to head home. We had had such a good day. We drove home with the windows wide, playing rubbish 00s pop music loudly!

Bye bye tBlackpool, until next time!

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