Thursday, August 24, 2017

Thrifty Gift Swap - Summer Edition!

You might remember that Janet runs a Christmas gift swap where the aim is to be pretty thrifty and to send secondhand or handmade gifts. Well, I had a hankering to do a swap so I asked her if we could do a summer edition of the thrifty swap. I had the idea then pretty much left Janet to organise so thank you very much for doing that, love. I think we had around fifteen participants including some new people, which is lovely!

I sent my parcel to Natasha and in it I included some Matalan goodies for the summer, a copy of one of my favourite books, and one of my zines. I received a parcel from Gemma, and I thought I'd post about my lovely gifts. I really like doing swaps like this - what I sent was about £15 including postage, so it's an inexpensive way to get a surprise in the post and maybe make a new friend!

My parcel arrived containing these gorgeous presents, aren't they nicely wrapped?

And here's what I got: a handmade glittery R, a notebook for my goals which I'm excited about using, a photo hangin kit, a mini stationery set, and then this gorgeous blue stone necklace that Gemma made. The stones are irridescent and a bit sparkly, I really like them. I'm looking forward to wearing this necklace!

If you'd like to join in the thrifty swap at Christmas, follow me on Twitter @cheaprhyme or Janet @jbistheinitial for more info closer to the time! 

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  1. What beautiful wrapping on your gift! I'm so glad you suggested the summer swap to me, I might try and make it a yearly thing. I've been very lax with blogging my own swaps but I love reading about what other people have got.