Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Girls in Glasses!

Well, me in glasses. I saw this on Linnet's blog and thought I'd steal it for my own. 

1. How long have you been wearing glasses?
Since I was five years old! I actually don't remember NOT wearing glasses. Apparently I started school and kept complaining I couldn't see the board, so my parents took me to the optician.
2. What were your first pair of glasses like?
They were mint green and they had little Minnie Mouses on the sides, so cute. I'd totally wear mint green glasses now. 
3. How often do you wear your glasses?
All day every day. They are the last thing I take off at night and the first thing I put on in the morning. I can just about manage to go to the loo without them on. If I drop them off my bedside table or when I get out of the shower I majorly panic as I just can't see them and I'm terrified of breaking them. I often shout for help when I lose them - don't mock me!
4. How many pairs of glasses do you have?
Three.  I usually have a pair of ordinary ones and a pair of sunglasses. I replaced the ordinary ones last October and when I went to buy sunglasses a few weeks ago it was easier to buy two pairs than one, so I got another pair of ordinary glasses. So I've got my usual ones - purple, a bit retro in style, that I wear 24/7. Then my new sunglasses, shown above, with a gorgeous tortoiseshell thick frame. They're perfect for sunnies and I enjoyed wearing them on holiday. My new pair of ordinary glasses are shown below. They're also tortoiseshell and they've got a funky pattern on the arms too. I like how square and retro they are.
5. Where did you get your glasses?
I used to go to Specsavers but last autumn when I broke my previous pair they treated me like utter crap so I'm determined to never go back there. I went to Boots this time, and was pretty pleased with them. My eyes are too bad for me to be able to buy online, although I have bought prescription goggles from Glasses Direct. I have to spend a LOT on glasses, these three pairs cost me the best part of £500. 
6. How long sighted or short sighted are you?
Incredibly short-sighted. I literally can barely see past the end of my nose. I can't even read without my glasses on. 
7. What prescription are your glasses?
One is -9.5, the other is -9. I'm also horribly astigmatic (meaning my eyeballs are rugby ball shaped not round) meaning my prescription is even more complex. I get help from the NHS because of my terrible prescription, although it was less than £20 this time, which is barely anything. Like, thanks lads, very helpful. 
8. Do your family members wear glasses?
Yes, my dad had bad eyesight too and always wore contact lenses. My mum wears glasses. It's no wonder my eyes are bad with those genes!
9. What do you think about wearing glasses?
I used to be bulled for it so it took me a long time to accept my glasses. I still really dislike being teased over them, or being teased when I need help finding them (so please never do that), but I don't care any more, I wear them because I have to and I like to choose colourful glasses as part of my style. 
10. Do you wear contact lenses?
I tried them when I was a teenager, but due to the astigmatism they were never very comfortable. I certainly couldn't wear them and use a computer, for example. I would like to try them again just so I could wear cute sunglasses and stuff. Maybe in the future!
11. How much can you see without your glasses?
Very, very little. I can't even read without them on. I really fear going totally blind and losing my independence, to be honest. 
12. Do you have advice for young people that are not comfortable with wearing glasses?
You will get used to them, and you can get so many cute styles now. Keep trying until you find some! And if someone teases you, ignore them. 

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