Friday, August 11, 2017

Grrrl Con 2017 - Day 2

Day 2 of Grrrl Con dawned bright and sunny. I hadn't slept well - my hotel was really a bit dodgy and I'd been woken up by doors slamming for most of the night. I didn't have a bathroom in my room, I had to share a toilet (although I never saw anyone else in it). I did however have a sink and shower cubicle in my room. Like, just there in the corner hanging out. It was weird.

Anyway, Day 2 happened to coincide with Photo An Hour, so although I couldn't keep strictly to times due to being busy at the conference, I did manage to take lots of photos at regular intervals, so I thought I would share them all here. Enjoy my day!

Up bright and early with my hair all over as per usual. 

I needed a shower, but the water barely worked. It had no pressure when held up high, so I ended up showering bent over trying to get my entire self clean. My hair felt gross. Hence my cross face.

This was the street my hotel was on as I left around 9.45 to get to the conference. Look at that gorgeous sky! I really liked all the streets around here, and the shops. So much that I'm going to take Lee here for his birthday so we can explore all the record shops and vitange shops and yummy restaurants. 

The first panel, which I actually really didn't enjoy at all. 

My first workshop was held across the road in Madlab, where I really liked the beams in the attic room.

Selfie on the street around lunchtime, waiting for my friends to come and join me so we could go find lunch. At last year's conference I didn't know many people so it was nice to have people to go eat lunch with this year. 

Lori took this photo of me in Dough, drinking prosecco like a fancy bitch.

Selfie in the lift going back up for the last speaker of the day.

Patience Agbabi was the last speaker, she's a poet and I liked most of her stuff. 

We had arranged for six of us to eat at the vegan diner across the road, but before that we had some free time so I for one sat and read some of my book. I truly believe the first line here - funerals aren't for dead people. They're for the living. I loved this book. 

Here's the food I had - a "chicken" burger made of seitan, with guacamole and salsa, and fries topped with hoisin sauce, "cheese" and peanuts. It was so good - I've never had vegan food like this and I'm not sure I liked the texture of the seitan - but it was really delicious and I was really glad to try it!

My friend Amy and her friend Elise had come to meet us for food, as they're both vegans, and Amy took this photo of me. I love it! I look so natural. The drinks were coconutty and creamy and really nice. 

After we'd eaten Lori, Amy, Elise and I went to Soup Kitchen for a couple of drinks. Now a bar on a Saturday night in a city centre is pretty much my idea of hell, but this one wasn't too busy and so I felt okay. I even dared to go up to the bar to order drinks instead of getting someone else to do it for me! It had a nice vibe. 

Look, I had run out of wine! Terrible shame.

We finally called it a night just after 11pm. Lori and I were absolutely dead on our feet after being on the go all day, but I was impressed we'd kept going for so long. I was very glad to get into bed, though. I had to take this photo to show Amy the shower and sink... 

And that was Saturday! A gorgeous, fun, tiring, beautiful day!

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